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Part Number Manufacturer Description Brand Price & Lead Time
003-0114 ADTRAN Adtran 003-0114 Batteries - 48 Voltage Battery Unit Request Quote
00375-0002-0011 EMERSON Emerson 00375-0002-0011 375 Field Communicator Spare Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack with Accessory Case Request Quote
00375-0002-0022 EMERSON 375 Field Communicator Spare Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack with Accessory Case Request Quote
0500-0001 MEN MICRO Men Mikro 0500-0001 Battery M4T32... for Timekeeper M41T11 (spare part) Request Quote
0500-0002 MEN MICRO Men Mikro 0500-0002 Battery M4T28... for Timekeeper M48T86 (spare part) Request Quote
107546392 AVAYA Avaya 107546392 Battery - TRANS BATTERY 9000/9010 TEXTURED BLK Request Quote
112795 EMERSON NETWORK POWER Emerson 112795 GNB 15A/HR Battery M12V 150ft Request Quote
1200641L1 ADTRAN ADTRAN Battery Backup Systems, Eight-hour, Wallmount Total Access 904/908 1200641L1 Request Quote
1200927G8 ADTRAN ADTRANg Battery Backup Systems, Eight-port RJ Breakout Panel 1200927G8 Request Quote
1403-BA ALLEN-BRADLEY Allen-Bradley 1403-BA Battery (Accessory) for Powermonitor II Request Quote
202496 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 202496 Battery Plant, 48V, Enersys 12V125 125AH Top Terminal 10Yr Request Quote
2036000038 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 2036000038 Power Safe 100Amp Hour Battery (Used for 2016 Cabinet) Request Quote
205131 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 205131 Battery Plant, 48V, Enersys 2DDm85-27 1105AH 20yr Request Quote
2/3A-C PANASONIC Panasonic 2/3A-C B9712T PLC Battery 3V 1200mAh Lithium Poly Carbon Request Quote
31603-000014-RS IEI iEiMobile 31603-000014-RS Mobile POS Terminal Battery Pack, 1 7.4V 1880 mAh Battery Request Quote
348879-005 HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 348879-005 4V, 13.5A-HR, CACHE, SINGLE SUPPLY DIFFERENTIAL AMPLIFIER, F/EVA 4000, 6000, 8000 Request Quote
367206-001 HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 367206-001 Batteries-Lithium-ION, 1440mAh, 3.7V, SLIM STD, F/iPAQ hx2000, rx3000 SRS Request Quote
58824700007 EMERSON NETWORK POWER Emerson 58824700007 Battery - BAT CAB W/7.7AH BAT 117 Request Quote
60D05842E02 MOTOROLA MOTOROLA 60D05842E02 PAGER BATTERY - 1,2 V/ 600 mAh Request Quote
6LR61AD PANASONIC Panasonic 6LR61AD Industrial Alkaline Foil Powerline 9V Battery. Alcaline Foil. No added mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd) or L... Request Quote
730-0114 CARRIER ACCESS Carrier Access 730-0114 Battery - Battery unit for use with Adit 600 Request Quote
90ACC1530 DATALOGIC Datalogic 90ACC1530 Battery - Datalogic B6010-NM - Battery pack nickel metal hydride 3.48 Wh 1.2V Request Quote
90-NG51B2000 ASUS ASUS 90-NG51B2000 Battery - Z62-Series 9-Cell Battery Request Quote
9680004425 ADVANTECH Advantech 9680004425 MARS-3100 standard battery pack Request Quote
A06B-0168-D111 GE FANUC GE Fanuc A06B-0168-D111 B9712T PLC Battery 3V 1200mAh Lithium Poly Carbon Monofluoride Request Quote
AFPX-BATT PANASONIC ELECTRIC WORKS PANASONIC ELECTRIC WORKS AFPX-BATT Battery - Back Up Battery for Data retention. (AFPX-MRTC required). Request Quote
BAT-LTC-E-36-16-1 WINSYSTEMS WinSystems BAT-LTC-E-36-16-1 External 3.6V, 1600 mAH battery with plug-in connector Request Quote
BAT-LTC-E-36-27-1 WINSYSTEMS WinSystems BAT-LTC-E-36-27-1 External 3.6V, 2700 mAH battery with plug-in connector Request Quote
BR1225-1HB PANASONIC Panasonic BR1225-1HB Battery - Lithium 3 V 48 0.45 lbs. Request Quote
BR-1225/HCN PANASONIC Panasonic BR-1225/HCN - Lithium Coin Battery 12.5MM Request Quote
BR-1/2AA PANASONIC Panasonic BR-1/2AA Battery - Lithium, 3V, 1AH W/3 Pins Request Quote
BR-1/2AAE2P PANASONIC Panasonic BR-1/2AAE2P - Cylindrical Lithium Batteries Request Quote
BR-1632A/GAN PANASONIC Panasonic BR-1632A/GAN Lithium Coin Battery 3V Hi-Temp PC Pins Request Quote
BR2032 PANASONIC Panasonic BR2032 Battery - BATTERY LITHIUM COIN 3V 20MM Request Quote
BR2032-1F2 PANASONIC Panasonic BR2032-1F2 Battery - Lithium Battery 3 V 210 0.79 in. Dia. 0.45 lbs. Request Quote
BR-2032/GUN PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2032/GUN - Lithium Coin Battery, 3V w/ Legs. Request Quote
BR2330 PANASONIC Panasonic BR2330 Battery - BATTERY LITHIUM COIN 3V 23MM Request Quote
BR-2330-1VC PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2330-1VC Battery - Battery, Lithium, 3v, 255ma, Coin cell Request Quote
BR-2330/HEN PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2330/HEN 3V Lithium Battery Coin Cell Request Quote
BR-2330/HFN PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2330/HFN 3V Lithium Battery Coin Cell Request Quote
BR-2/3A PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2/3A Poly-carbonmonofluoride Lithium Battery, 3V 1200 mAh Request Quote
BR-2/3AE5SPN PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2/3AE5SPN 2/3A Cylinder Lithium Battery with PCB Pins Request Quote
BR-2/3AH PANASONIC Panasonic BR-2/3AH Poly-carbonmonofluoride Lithium Battery, 3V 1350 mAh Request Quote
BR Series PANASONIC Panasonic BR Series Poly-carbonmonofluoride Lithium Batteries Request Quote
BTRY-MC55EAB02-10H MOTOROLA Motorola BTRY-MC55EAB02-10H 1.5x White Battery - 10 pack for Motorola MC55A0 Rugged Mobile Computers Request Quote
BTRY-MC55EAB02-50H MOTOROLA Motorola BTRY-MC55EAB02-50H 1.5x White Battery - 50 back for Motorola MC55A0 Rugged Mobile Computers Request Quote
BTRY-MC55EAB02 -H MOTOROLA Motorola BTRY-MC55EAB02 -H 1.5x White Battery for Motorola MC55A0 Rugged Mobile Computers Request Quote
CE-BL41 SHARP Sharp CE BL41 Batteries - Lithium Ion Laptop Battery Request Quote