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Part Number Manufacturer Description Brand Price & Lead Time
03-210148-0 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 03-210148-0, Cable, DSP-DP 4:1 Adapter (1 per port) (Full Sized Card) Request Quote
106795404 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 106795404 Connector - New Lucent A3080 FC Cap Request Quote
1AB204800010 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 1AB204800010 10DB MU Attenuator Request Quote
1AB252030001 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 1AB252030001 10dB Attenuator Request Quote
1AB371250006 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 1AB371250006 1dB Attenuator Request Quote
202496 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 202496 Battery Plant, 48V, Enersys 12V125 125AH Top Terminal 10Yr Request Quote
2036000038 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 2036000038 Power Safe 100Amp Hour Battery (Used for 2016 Cabinet) Request Quote
205131 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 205131 Battery Plant, 48V, Enersys 2DDm85-27 1105AH 20yr Request Quote
300-1148-900 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel Lucent 300-1148-900 Generator - Ringing Generator Unit Request Quote
38102 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 038102 Electrovalve Operator Request Quote
38121 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 038121 Electrovalve Coil | 220V 50 Hz Request Quote
38122 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 038122 Electrovalve Coil | 115V 60 Hz Request Quote
38124 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 038124 Electrovalve Coil | 240V 50/60 Hz Request Quote
38125 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 038125 Electrovalve Coil | 200V 50/60 Hz Request Quote
38126 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 038126 Electrovalve Coil | 100V 50/60 Hz Request Quote
3AG26009DA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AG26009DA OADC1300: 1:8 Drop Coupler Request Quote
3AG26009EA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AG26009EA OADC1750: 1:8 Drop Coupler +2x1:4 Add Coupler Request Quote
3AL94305AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AL94305AA RAIU1000 Rack Alarm Interface Unit Request Quote
3AL94736AD ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AL94736AD OADC1100: 1:2 Drop Coupler Request Quote
3AL94736AE ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AL94736AE OADC0104: ALCT Add Coupler Request Quote
3AL94736CA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AL94736CA OCNC1240: Degree 4 Connection Coupler Request Quote
3AL94970AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel 3AL94970AA 12XGBETH (ETHC1000) – 12 port GigE Ethernet Multiplexer Request Quote
3EM16169AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Ethernet I/O Request Quote
3EM19281AA 01 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel Lucent 3EM19281AA 01 Documentation - Alcatel 1850 TSS 100 Documentation Request Quote
3EM19288AAB ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel Lucent 3EM19288AAB Elements Management Software - Alcatel 1850 Element Management System (EMS) Request Quote
3HE00229AB ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 3HE00229AB Input Output Module (IOM) Baseboard, accepts up to 2 Media Dependent Adapters (MDAs) Request Quote
3HE01173AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel Lucent 3HE01173AA Ethernet Switch. 7450 ESS 1-Port | 10GBASE-ZW/ZR MDA W/OPT Request Quote
3HE01473AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 3HE01473AA 7750 SR 20G Input/Output Module 2 (IOM-2) Baseboard that accepts up to two Media Dependent Ada... Request Quote
628045-000-201 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 628045-000-201 D448 CO | Equalizer T1/T1C Equalization Board | EQL EQL3 Request Quote
695-7771-019 ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 695-7771-019 Kit, Labels Remote SI48 Cables Request Quote