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Part Number Manufacturer Description Brand Price & Lead Time
003-0114 ADTRAN Adtran 003-0114 Batteries - 48 Voltage Battery Unit Request Quote
1150087L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1150087L1 Enclosure - Above ground use only unsealed access compartments allow individual access to external wir... Request Quote
1175012L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1175012L1 Channel Bank - Total Access 750 BCU (L1) Bank Controller Unit Request Quote
1175099L1 ADTRAN ADTRAN 1175099L1 System front panel kit - white Request Quote
1175408L2 ADTRAN ADTRAN 1175408L2 Voice interface card - 4 ports, Total Access 750/850 Quad FXS Card DPO & PLAR 50-Pin AMP Request Quote
1179408L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1179408L1 Outside Plant Access Terminal Module, Quad POTS Originates 4 POTS circuits from single card Request Quote
1179641AL3 ADTRAN Adtran 1179641AL3 Ethernet Switch - Total Access 1248 GigE 48-port, IP Mini-DSLAM with 10/100/1000Base-T Interface Request Quote
1200062L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1200062L1 Data Service Unit - DSU/CSU for 4-wire dedicated 56K or 64K applications. Provides a V.35 DTE interface... Request Quote
1200078L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1200078L1 DSU - DSU/CSU for 4-wire dedicated 56K or 64K applications. Provides an EIA-232 DTE Interface, set-up b... Request Quote
1200219L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1200219L1 CSU/DSU - T3SU 300 V.35 I/F CARD Request Quote
1200264L1 ADTRAN Adtran 12002641L1 Ethernet Switch - ATLAS 800 QUAD E1 PRI MOD INTL Request Quote
1200287L1 ADTRAN ADTRAN 1200287L1 Network cable - 64 pin AMP Champ - bare wire - 25 ft Request Quote
1200287L6 ADTRAN ADTRAN 1200287L6 Cable - Patch cable 64 pin Centronics (M), 64 pin Centronics (M), 5 ft Request Quote
1200641L1 ADTRAN ADTRAN Battery Backup Systems, Eight-hour, Wallmount Total Access 904/908 1200641L1 Request Quote
1200831L1 ADTRAN Adtran 1200831L1 Netvanta 5000 Series System Controller Request Quote
1200884G1 ADTRAN ADTRAN 1200884G1 Bracket - Wall Mount Bracket Request Quote
1200927G8 ADTRAN ADTRANg Battery Backup Systems, Eight-port RJ Breakout Panel 1200927G8 Request Quote
4200590L1 ADTRAN ADTRAN 4200590L1 Chasis - NetVanta 1000 Series Chassis Request Quote
4200590L2 ADTRAN Adtran 4200590L2 Chasis - NetVanta 1224STR DC with VPN Request Quote
4700568F1 ADTRAN ADTRAN 4700568F1 Multi-Layer Gigabit Ethernet Switch - 48-port multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet switch with up to four 10-Gi... Request Quote