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Part Number Manufacturer Description Brand Price & Lead Time
000-4009-119 TELECT Telect 000-4009-119 Brackets-MOUNTING BRACKET KIT 19 Request Quote
02106-08 TELECT Telect 02106-08 Bracket - Cable Tie Brackets- Metal. Bracket Length: 4.50 steel. Style: C. Request Quote
108672171 AVAYA Avaya 108672171 Bracket, P330/P330-ML front-mount/NEBS/shallow rack bracket for the P330 Stackable Switching System Request Quote
108873217 AVAYA Avaya 108873217 Bracket, P330/P330-ML mid-mount bracket for the P330 Stackable Switching System Request Quote
108873225 AVAYA Avaya 108873225 Bracket, P330/P330-ML wall-mount bracket for the P330 Stackable Switching System Request Quote
1962200070 ADVANTECH Advantech 1962200070 Sheet Metal, Mount Bracket Request Quote
1962200091 ADVANTECH Advantech 1962200091 Mount Bracket MBPC-200 Request Quote
200-236-346 MOORE PRODUCTS Moore 200-236-346 Bracket - Angle Bracket Request Quote
200-236-347 MOORE PRODUCTS Moore 200-236-347 Brackets-Angle Bracket Request Quote
41013-0290C2-00-RS IEI IEI 41013-0290C2-00-RS I/O Bracket Request Quote
5043330139X00 NEXCOM Nexcom 5043330139X00 EBC500 CF CARD BRACKET 51.6x47x5mm SPCC T Request Quote
50501A0325X00 NEXCOM Nexcom 50501A0325X00 Mobile Computer (Tablet PC) MRC 2100-E Holding Bracket Request Quote
76039 TELECT Telect 76039 Bracket Ring Wire 3x3.6 Request Quote
BK-6612-RS IEI EBC-1000G I/O bracket for WAFER-6612,Black Request Quote
BK-9371-RS IEI IEI BK-9371-RS Bracket - I/O bracket for WAFER-9371A, black, RoHS Request Quote
BK-C400-RS IEI IEI-BK-C400-RS Bracket-I/O bracket for WAFER-C400-RS Request Quote
BK-LX2-RS IEI IEI BK-LX2-RS Bracket - I/O bracket for WAFER-LX2-800, black, RoHS Request Quote
BK-LX800-RS IEI IEI BK-LX800-RS CPU Board - I/O bracket for WAFER-LX/GX/LUKE/MARK, black, RoHS Request Quote
BK-LX800-RS-R11 IEI IEI I/O bracket for WAFER-LX/ GX, black, RoHS Request Quote
Bracket NAMCO Namco Controls Brackets, Photoelectric Sensor Accessories Request Quote
OS6250-RM-19-L ALCATEL-LUCENT Simple L-bracket for mounting a single OS6250 switch in a 19 rack. Request Quote
P48271 EMERSON Emerson P48271 R399 Wall Mount Bracket, 100 pair Request Quote
RPB2-1 GENERAL ELECTRIC General Electric RPB2-1 Bracket, 1-Gang for 1 or 2 Switches, Steel Request Quote
RPB2-2 GENERAL ELECTRIC General Electric RPB2-2 Bracket, 1-Gang for 3 or 4 Switches Steel Request Quote
TPC-1270H-EPKE ADVANTECH Advantech TPC-1270H-EPKE TPC Series PC/PCI-104 Extension Kit (bracket only) Request Quote