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Part Number Manufacturer Description Brand Price & Lead Time
060-6827-03 HONEYWELL Honeywell SSEC 060-6827-03 Model U3W Universal Inline Amplifier with 4 to 20 mA output and 18 to 32 VDC Input Request Quote
060-6881-03 HONEYWELL Honeywell 060-6881-03 AMPLIFER IN-LINE DA-05 D.R.MT IN13-28VDC OUT4-20MA Request Quote
0 811 405 126 BOSCH Bosch 1M0.8-RGC1 Amplifier Module Request Quote
150-200 SYMMETRICOM Symmetricom 150-200 Amplifier - GPS L1 Inline Antenna Amplifiers Request Quote
19207ASSY12314288 PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC 19207ASSY12314288 Standard Control Electronic Amplifier - Activates up to six extinguishers, Built-In... Request Quote
19207ASSY12352251 PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC 19207ASSY12352251Standard Control Electronic Amplifier - Activates up to six extinguishers, Built-In... Request Quote
261A1812P002 GENERAL ELECTRIC General Electric 261A1812P002 Flame Detector Amplifier Request Quote
5RA0400 RELIANCE ELECTRIC Reliance Electric 5RA0400 Amplifier. 400W Request Quote
811405097 BOSCH 0811-405-097 Request Quote
8346A HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8346A mm-Wave Microwave Amplifiers Request Quote
8347A HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8347A RF Amplifier Request Quote
8348A HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8348A mm-Wave Microwave Amplifiers Request Quote
8349B HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8349B Microwave Amplifier Request Quote
8447E HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8447E Power Amplifier Request Quote
8447F HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8447F Preamplifier-Power Amplifier Request Quote
8449B HEWLETT-PACKARD HP 8449B 1 to 26.5 GHz Preamplifier Request Quote
8DG59245AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 8DG59245AA High Power High Gain DWDM Optical Amplifier Request Quote
8DG59945AA ALCATEL-LUCENT Alcatel-Lucent 8DG59945AA High Power Low Gain DWDM Optical Amplifier Request Quote
AXRP225 STI Scientific Technologies AXRP225 Amplifier Board | 120V AC Power Supply Request Quote
DPR-102-WRE10-E BOSCH REXROTH Rexroth DPR-102-WRE10-E Digital Amplifier for Position and Pressure/Force Control Model DPR10, Series 1X Request Quote
E3CT1A OMRON Omron E3CT1A Amplifier - AMPLIFIER /USE WITH E3C-T1D+L Request Quote
EEA-PAM-561-A-32 VICKERS EEA-PAM-561-A-32 Request Quote
EEA-PAM-571-A-12 VICKERS EEA-PAM-571-A-12 Request Quote
KDG1-5A-AR-614888-10 VICKERS Vickers KDG1-5A-AR-614888-10 Amplifier Board Request Quote
SR10200-2G406A DANAHER Danaher SR10200-2G406A Amplifier Request Quote
TSC 4036B SYMMETRICOM Symmeticom TSC 4036B, 1x15 RF Distribution Amplifier: Symmetricom’s 4036B is a 1-input, 15-output RF distribution amplif... Request Quote
V600-HAM42-DRT OMRON Omron V600-HAM42-DRT Multi-functional RFID amplifier Request Quote
V640-HAM12 OMRON Omron V640-HAM12 Amplifier Unit Request Quote
V680-CA5D02-V2 OMRON Omron V680-CA5D02-V2 ID Controller Request Quote
V680-HA63A OMRON Omron V680-HA63A Amplifier Unit Request Quote
V680-HA63B OMRON Omron V680-HA63B Amplifier Unit Request Quote
V680-HAM81 OMRON Omron V680-HAM81 Amplifier-integrated Controllers (ID Flag Sensors) Request Quote
V680-HAM91 OMRON Omron V680-HAM91 Amplifier-integrated Controllers (ID Flag Sensors) Request Quote
VT-VSPA1 BOSCH Bosch VT-VSPA1 Series Electric Amplifier for Proportional Valves. Request Quote