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Part Number Manufacturer Description Brand Price & Lead Time
1734IE2C ALLEN-BRADLEY Rockwell Automation 1374-IE2C Analog I/O Modules-signal range 4…20 mA, 0…20 mA, Input Resolution 16 bits - over 21 mA 0.... Request Quote
1734-IE2V ALLEN-BRADLEY Rockwell Automation 1734-IE2V Analog Input Modules 24V DC 2 CHANNEL ANALOG VOLTAGE INPUT MODULE- Request Quote
1734-IR2 ALLEN-BRADLEY Rockwell automation 1734-IR2 Temperature Input Module- 24V DC 2 CHANNEL RTD INPUT MODULE Request Quote
1734-IT2I ALLEN-BRADLEY Rockwell Automation 1734-IT2I Temperature Input Module- 24V DC 2 CHANNEL THERMOCOUPLE INPUT MODULE Request Quote
1762-IF4 ALLEN-BRADLEY Allen-Bradley 1762-IF4 4 Channel Analogue Input Module Request Quote
1771-IFE/C ALLEN-BRADLEY Allen Bradley 1771-IFE/C 12-Bit Analog Input Module Request Quote
621-0020RC HONEYWELL Honeywell 621-0020RC Analog Input Module Request Quote
6ES7331-7HF01-0AB0 SIEMENS Siemens 6ES7331-7HF01-0AB0 Analog Input Module Request Quote
CQM1-ID212 OMRON OMRON CQM1-ID212 Input Module - INPUT MODULE 16POINT 24VDC 6MA Request Quote
HE670ADC810 GENERAL ELECTRIC General Electric HE670ADC810 Field Control, Analog Input Module, Horner Analog Input +/- 10 VDC, 0-10 VDC 8 Channel Grou... Request Quote
HE693ADC816 GENERAL ELECTRIC General electric 8 channel +/-10VDC high speed analog input module for series 90-30 with 16-bit resolution Request Quote
HVBK-1505 SONY Sony HVBK-1505 Analog Input Board Request Quote
M36 MEN MICRO Men Mikro M36 - 8/16 Analog Inputs Request Quote
MIC-3714 ADVANTECH Advantech MIC-3714 Systems, 30 MS/s Simultaneous 4-ch Analog Input Card. Request Quote
PMC421 GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS GE Intelligent Platforms PMC421 Analog Input Module with PMC Board with 64-Channel, 12-Bit Analog Input PMC Board With 1... Request Quote
TWDAMI4LT SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Schneider Electric TWDAMI4LT Analog Input Module Twido - 24 V DC Supply - 4 Inputs 0-10V, 0-20 mA Temperature Request Quote
VL-1260 VERSALOGIC Versalogic VL-1260 12-Bit Analog Input Card for the STD Bus Request Quote
VME-3123 VMIC VMIC VME-3123 Analog I/O 16-bit High Throughput Analog Input Board with 16 Channels with Simultaneous Sample-and-Hold In... Request Quote
VMIVME-3119 VMIC VMIC VMIVME-3119 16-bit Scanning Analog Input Board with Programmable Gain, Filter Cutoff, and Autocalibration Per Chann... Request Quote